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Creating a beautiful vivarium at home with the best materials and terrarium lighting possible. Rare plants and bromeliads that are unmatched in quality and variety. The best possible service. These are the pillars of Biotopo. At Biotopo we are always looking for new ways to get you beautiful and exclusive products for taking the vivarium hobby to the next level. the webshop is really taking shape now that we have exclusive bromeliads, rare Sonerila and Begonia, Beautiful leaf litter, tannins and of course the number one brand in terrarium lighting: Skylight LED. Please have a look around in the webshop and feel free to contact us at any time. For wholesale orders and price lists you can contact us via E-mail as well. We have a large collection of Hoya, Monstera, Philodendron, Colocasia, Neoregelia, Sansevieria, Plumeria, Caudex and many others at your disposal.

Your complete wholesale solution

There is more to Biotopo than our fantastic webshop. We also provide first class wholesale service with an impressive collection of plants. Wholesale sellers make sure to check out our amazing selection of plants and ask for prices.

Beautiful Bromeliads

This is definitely one of our greatest achievements. Most of The hybrids that we sell are exclusively available in

our store. The quality of our imported bromeliads is unmatched. Compact growth, intense colours and most of all... suitable for Vivarium. Often bromeliads are sold as pups and many hybrids keep growing until they don’t fit in your vivarium anymore. Our selection is tailor made for your vivarium and sold mature or close to mature size.

Place them under our skylight terrarium lights and you can enjoy them for a long time in all their glory.

Sunshine garden dealer Final.jpg

Only a few webshops in the European Union are selected for selling top quality bromeliads from theSunshine Garden nursery.

We promise that you always receive healthy, well developed bromeliads with bright colours and patterns. 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Biotopo is very proud to be called official dealer of Sunshine Garden bromeliads.

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