Sonerila Green Wings

Sonerila Green Wings is an unusual plant species native to the lush forests of Indonesia. With its beautiful poisonous green leaves and striking bright red veins, this plant is a real eye-catcher in any rainforest terrarium.
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Sonerila is a genus of plants in the family Melastomataceae and is native to Southeast Asia, including countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. They are small to medium-sized plants characterized by their delicate and delicate leaves, which make a wonderful addition to the decor of a terrarium.

Optimal Care for sonerila green wings

For the Sonerila Green Wings to do well in a terrarium, it is important to maintain the humidity level. This can be achieved by regularly spraying with water or placing a water feature in the terrarium. By ensuring constant high humidity, the delicate leaves can maintain their beautiful appearance and the plant will do great in the terrarium.

Semi-shaded Spots in the Terrarium

In the wild, Sonerila Green Wings often grows under the leaves of other plants, where it is protected from direct sunlight. This makes the plant perfect for rainforest terrariums.



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