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Amphibians and reptiles have specific nutritional needs to stay in optimal health. They often do not get all the necessary nutrients from their daily diet and therefore need additional vitamins and supplements to meet their nutritional needs. Formulated by Italian biologists and nutrition experts, our products are of the highest quality to ensure the health and well-being of your beloved animals.
Vitamines en Supplementen
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Reptiles and Amphibians: The Need for High-Quality Reptile Vitamins and Poison Dart Frog Vitamins

Reptiles and amphibians are fascinating creatures that require unique care and attention when kept in a terrarium.

Providing the right nutrition is crucial for their health and well-being.

At Biotopo, we aim to ensure that our beloved terrarium animals are provided with the best quality vitamins and supplements.

We have collaborated with Italian veterinarians and other specialists to create a balanced spectrum of nutrients, including vitamins for poison dart frogs, mourning geckos, and day geckos. Reptile vitamins and poison dart frog vitamins are among our offerings. You can also find food for your tropical woodlice and springtails in our range.

Poison Dart Frogs: Small Jewels with Big Vitamin Needs

Poison dart frogs, such as the beautiful Oophaga species, are popular choices among hobbyists due to their vibrant colors and captivating behavior.

However, these small amphibians have specific dietary requirements. Given that they primarily feed on fruit flies, springtails, and tropical woodlice in terrarium conditions, it is essential to supplement their diet with calcium and vitamin D3 to support healthy bone structure and skin. Our Collembola food (suitable for springtails) and Isopod food (for tropical woodlice) enrich and support the diet of these tropical woodlice and springtails, which, in turn, provide the right nutrients when consumed by your beautiful poison dart frogs.

What Do Geckos Eat in the Terrarium?

Geckos are popular terrarium animals and have a significant need for additional vitamins and supplements when kept in the terrarium.

For terrarium geckos, extra vitamins and minerals are essential. Calcium and vitamin D3 play a crucial role in maintaining strong bones, healthy eyes, and radiant skin. Fruit-eating species like Lygodactylus Williamsi, Phelsuma, and Lepidodactylus Lugubris often share terrarium space with poison dart frogs, and they have specific dietary requirements. They need additional reptile vitamins in the terrarium, and Gecko Powerfood provides precisely what they need for a healthy and active life.

Gecko Powerfood: Complete and Varied Vitamins for All Gecko Species

Gecko Powerfood is a balanced food specially formulated for geckos. It contains all the necessary nutrients and reptile vitamins that geckos need for optimal health and color intensity. We are proud of this quality product, Gecko Powerfood, developed in Italy by specialists and veterinarians.

It is available from us and contains all the vitamins and minerals your fruit-eating geckos require. This food is made from top-quality raw materials and is available in five different flavors: banana, strawberry, kiwi, orange, and apple. Give your geckos the nutrition they deserve with Gecko Powerfood.

Collembola Food

Collembola, also known as springtails, are small jumping insects that make an excellent addition to the diet of primarily poison dart frogs and other small amphibians. Collembola food is specially designed to culture and gut-load these insects, providing your terrarium animals with additional nutrients when they consume the springtails.

Isopod Food

Tropical woodlice are an excellent food source for small reptiles and amphibians.

But they have another crucial role in terrariums and paludariums. These woodlice are not only used as feeder animals but also as valuable contributors to tropical bioactive substrates. They act as efficient cleaners, removing organic waste and fungi.

Like springtails, tropical woodlice thrive in a humid environment. Our Isopod food ensures that your tropical woodlice stay healthy, which, in turn, provides your poison dart frogs with extra nutrients and minerals.