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Terrarium decoration

As specialists in terrarium decoration, Biotopo understands the importance of creating the most natural environment possible for your terrarium inhabitants. With our high-quality products sourced from sustainable cultivation and nurseries, you can decorate your terrarium with natural elements such as tropical leaves, fern root stems and nuts. With our quality products, you are sure to succeed in creating a biotope that perfectly suits the needs of your terrarium animals.
Terrarium decoration
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Clear Filters
Acacia tropical bean
Amazon XXL Mix
Buddha tropical note
Cocoa bean
Cocoa tropical leaves
Coconut shell
Den Braven aqua-silicone sealant
Dendroplate filter mat
Dicksonia squarossa fern root stem
Dicksonia squarrosa half tree fern trunk
Dicksonia squarrosa tree fern grit
Half coconut
Mango tropical leaves
Peat blocks
Pommerac tropical leaves
Sororoca tropical nuts
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