Skylight Tiny RH

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Skylight Tiny RH is built for high performance with a slim aluminum footprint that stays cool and out of the way. Skylight Tiny RH is great for smaller terrariums or racks with small spaces between racks where space and cool air are limited. Durable and highly energy efficient.

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The light spectrum emitted by the Skylight Tiny RH is specially tailored to the photosynthesis process of plants. Plants need different waves of light for different stages of their growth. The Skylight Tiny RH terrarium light provides a balanced light spectrum with the correct ratio of blue and red light, which is essential for plant photosynthesis and growth.

Perfect balance

These lamps are particularly suitable for growing demanding plant species such as orchids, bromeliads and ferns. These plants have specific light requirements and need high light intensity to thrive. The Skylight Tiny RH lamps provide the perfect balance of intensity and spectrum to ensure healthy and lush growth of these plants in your terrarium.

Another great advantage of the Skylight Tiny RH lamps is their energy-efficient nature. This means you can save energy and reduce your carbon footprint without compromising the quality of lighting in your terrarium.

Tiny RH: Wattage per bulb: 6 Lumen output: 680 lm Color temperature: 6000 Kelvin Rated voltage: 12 V dc Current: 1 A





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