Skylight Hyperspot

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Skylight Hyperspot Series is designed with attention to detail and made from the best quality materials. The housing of the lamp is ultra thin and milled from a single piece of high-quality material. This makes the lamp durable and robust, The Hyperspot's LED modules are carefully placed in a recess so that you do not look directly into the LEDs. Its unique design makes it a real eye-catcher in your aquariums or terrariums.
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The performance of the Skylight Hyperspot is second to none. With its high light output and brightness, this terrarium light ensures optimal growth and color reproduction of your aquarium or terrarium. Skylight Hyperspot Series is dimmable and the color intensity is adjustable, giving you complete control over the light spectrum your plants and animals receive. Whether you have a freshwater aquarium or a terrarium, the Hyperspot can be adapted to the specific needs of your living organisms. This makes it a versatile choice for beginners and experienced aquarists and terrarium enthusiasts alike.

Skylight Hyperspot Powerful performance for any size terrarium or aquarium.

Skylight Hyperspot Series comes with a suspension assembly for easy installation, but also offers several other mounting options. For example, you can mount the lamp upright on your vivarium or aquarium, giving you the flexibility to place it wherever you want. This high-end LED is available in three different sizes, namely S, M and L, so you can choose the right size that best suits your specific needs and space requirements.

Hyperspot S Output:48 W Luminous flux:4500 lm Color temperature:6500 – 9000 K Rated voltage:12 V DC Rated power:4A

Hyperspot M Output:72 W Luminous flux:6750 lm Color temperature:6500 – 9000 K Rated voltage:12 V DC Rated power:6A

Hyperspot L Output:96 W Luminous flux:9000 lm Color temperature:6500 – 9000 K Rated voltage:12 V DC Rated power:8A



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