Mini Ecosystem

In today's world of sustainability and conservation, Biotopo has launched an innovative product that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also multifunctional and easy to integrate into various living environments. Combining advanced technology with elegant design, Biotopo's Mini Ecosystem offers endless possibilities for flora and fauna enthusiasts.
Mini Ecosystem
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This remarkable Mini Ecosystem comes with built-in fans and energy-efficient LED lights, creating the perfect environment for various plant and animal species. With a convenient plug-and-play USB connection, the system is versatile and can even be connected to your computer, allowing it to be placed anywhere in your home or office.


The Mini Ecosystem is suitable for various applications, ranging from a charming mossarium to a mini-terrarium. Whether you want to nurture rare begonias, sonerila, only moss, or even tropical woodlice, this product provides the perfect environment to cherish your favorite flora and fauna.

One of the notable features of the Mini Ecosystem is the use of high-quality materials. It is made of sturdy plexiglass, not only durable but also offering a clear view of the beautiful world inside. The tropical hardwood used is sourced from responsible nurseries, meaning you not only enjoy a beautiful product but also contribute to forest conservation and biodiversity.

This Mini Ecosystem is not just a decorative piece but a functional masterpiece that establishes a harmonious symbiosis between technology and nature. Let’s delve deeper into the features and benefits of this innovative product.


Biotopo’s Mini Ecosystem is equipped with built-in fans that ensure a constant airflow inside. This not only provides the necessary oxygen supply but also regulates humidity, crucial for the well-being of plants and animals within the ecosystem.

In addition, energy-efficient LED lights are strategically placed to offer a perfectly balanced light spectrum for plant growth. Whether you choose to cultivate rare begonias, sonerila, or other plant species, the Mini Ecosystem ensures ideal conditions for your green friends to thrive.


With the handy USB connection, the Mini Ecosystem is user-friendly. You can easily connect it to your computer, laptop, or any other device with a USB port. This not only makes it flexible in terms of placement but also allows you to integrate the system into different spaces and lifestyles.

Whether you’re a plant enthusiast looking to add some green to your desk or a nature lover bringing a piece of the tropical paradise into the living room, the Mini Ecosystem effortlessly adapts to your needs.


One of the most remarkable features of the Mini Ecosystem is its versatility. Whether you’re interested in creating a mossarium, cultivating mini-terrarium plants, or housing tropical woodlice, this ecosystem provides the perfect environment.

For moss enthusiasts, the Mini Ecosystem offers an excellent habitat to cultivate various moss types. The clear plexiglass provides a transparent view of the delicate structures of the mosses, allowing you to appreciate their intriguing beauty.

For those who enjoy creating mini-terraria, this system offers an ideal environment for plants like begonias and sonerila. The balanced climate, combined with a clear view, allows you to closely monitor the growth of these plants.

And for adventurous owners, the Mini Ecosystem is perfect for housing tropical woodlice. The constant airflow and optimal climate ensure these fascinating creatures feel at home in their new environment.


Biotopo’s Mini Ecosystem is not only designed for functionality but also with an emphasis on sustainability. The use of sturdy plexiglass guarantees a long lifespan while offering a crystal-clear view of the intriguing world inside.

The tropical hardwood used for the housing comes from responsible nurseries. This means that every purchase of a Mini Ecosystem contributes to forest conservation and the promotion of sustainable forestry practices.

By choosing this innovative product, you contribute not only to the well-being of the flora and fauna inside the system but also to the preservation of natural habitats worldwide.


Biotopo’s Mini Ecosystem offers endless possibilities for creativity and expression. Whether you’re an experienced plant enthusiast or simply looking for a unique decorative element, this product opens the doors to a world of possibilities.

Experiment with different plant combinations, observe the growth of rare begonias, create your own microcosm with various mosses, or marvel at the fascinating lifestyle of tropical woodlice. The Mini Ecosystem is not just a product; it’s a platform for discovery and wonder.


Biotopo’s Mini Ecosystem is a masterpiece of innovation, design, and sustainability. With built-in fans, energy-efficient LED lights, and a convenient plug-and-play USB connection, it provides the perfect environment for various plant and animal species.

Whether you opt for a mossarium, a mini-terrarium, or the housing of tropical woodlice, this Mini Ecosystem effortlessly adapts to your preferences. Made of high-quality plexiglass and tropical hardwood from responsible nurseries, the product contributes to both the beauty of your living space and the preservation of nature.

In summary, Biotopo’s Mini Ecosystem opens the door to a world of endless possibilities, where technology and nature go hand in hand to create a harmonious and captivating living environment.