Skylight PRI-50 Intense Set

Skylight PRI-50 Intense Set is specially designed with an RGB core to provide very high color saturation that reveals vibrant colors of terrarium inhabitants. This lamp allows you to admire the colors of your terrarium inhabitants in all their splendor. Whether it's exotic reptiles, colorful amphibians or beautiful plants, the SKYLIGHT PRI-50 lamp provides an impressive display of colors in your terrarium.
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Skylight PRI-50 Intense Set in addition to providing vibrant colors for terrarium inhabitants,also has an extensive spectrum that extends to violet light and to deep red light and near IR. This comprehensive spectrum is designed to initiate physiological processes in plants as naturally as possible and support the healthy growth of various plants. With the SKYLIGHT PRI-50 lamp, you can ensure that your terrarium plants get the optimal lighting they need to thrive.

Natural Light Cycle for your Terrarium

This lamp allows you to adjust the brightness of the light according to the needs of your terrarium inhabitants and the atmosphere you want to create. Moreover, you can adjust the color temperature, allowing you to choose between a warmer or cooler tone depending on your preference and the needs of your terrarium inhabitants. The Skylight PRI-50 Intense Set gives you complete control over the lighting of your terrarium, allowing you to create the perfect environment for your plants and animals.

Another impressive feature of the Skylight PRI-50 Intense Set is its ability to simulate sunrise, sunset and moonlight. This lamp allows you to adjust the light cycles in your terrarium to the natural light conditions, allowing you to create a more realistic environment for your terrarium inhabitants.

Specifications: Power – 48 watts. Luminous flux – 3600 lumens. Beam angle – 120° degrees 400 – 750 NM spectrum Color temperature – 6000-12000. Rated voltage – 12 V direct current. Current rating – 4 Amp. Dimensions: 30 x 33 x 3.5 cm Dimmable & color adjustable with the controllers see below with RGB Core (low RGB – super saturated color) 2 channels Infrared All sets of Skylight PRI-50 Intense lamps come with power adapters (Plug and Play). You can connect our Skylight controller AQCT -1 (included) or AQCT-2/AQCT-3 (optional) to the Skylight PRI-50 Intense.



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