Skylight PR

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Skylight PR Series is designed to last and offers excellent performance for medium to large terrariums. The laser-cut aluminum frame of the PR models not only provides an elegant look, but also efficient heat dissipation. This means you can rely on the durability, reliability and extremely powerful LEDs of the Skylight PR Series for long-lasting performance in your terrarium.
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Skylight PR Series terrarium lighting takes everything to another level with an elegant look and excellent performance for medium to large vivariums. Very powerful terrarium lighting that is perfect for making your bromeliads blush.

If you are looking for high-quality terrarium lighting, the Skylight PR40, PR60 or PR80 is the perfect choice. With its unique features and superior performance, the Skylight PR series takes lighting in your vivarium to the next level.

Long-lasting performance with an elegant design

Skylight PR Series is designed for easy customization and offers plug-and-play cable management for effortless installation. With the AQCT3 controller, sold separately, you can program sunrise, sunset and moonlight functions. This allows you to fine-tune the lighting in your vivarium to the needs of your plants and animals, mimicking a natural light cycle. This is not only conducive to the growth and health of your vivarium inhabitants, but can also help create a natural and attractive appearance.

The Skylight PR series offers a wide range of color temperature options, ranging from 5k to 15k. This allows you to choose the right color temperature to suit the needs of your vivarium inhabitants and the desired look of your vivarium. The high brightness of the PR models ensures that your vivarium is perfectly lit and the colors of your plants and animals are striking.

PR40: Wattage per bulb: 18 Lumen output: 1500 lm Color temperature: 5000-15000 Kelvin Rated voltage: 12 V dc Current: 1.5 A

PR60: Wattage per bulb: 36 Lumen output: 3000 lm Color temperature: 5000-15000 Kelvin Rated voltage: 12 V dc Current: 3 A

PR80: Wattage per bulb: 54 Lumen output: 4500 lm Color temperature: 5000-15000 Kelvin Rated voltage: 12 V dc Current: 4.5 A

Reviews 6

6 reviews for Skylight PR

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  1. De controller die erbij zit werkt niet echt fantastisch, instellen
    van de lichtkleur en intensiteit is zeer beperkt. In combinatie met de AQCT3 werkt het geweldig.

  2. Zeer mooi licht !

  3. Nog niet kunnen testen, maar goede gepersonaliseerd service

  4. I use it in my tank 90hx60Lx45D, its beautiful with the cyclus of night, morning and daylight. It looks very nice with the colors of light. and in my opinion its more close to the nature habitat with this cyclus.

    one word for this light: PERFECT!

  5. Goede lamp,voor boven mn planten

  6. Great lamp with adjustable light

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