At Biotopo, we always strive to provide the highest quality bromeliads for our customers. This is why we source our plants directly from the best growers in Asia. We have our own handler at Schiphol Airport which means that upon arrival they are picked up immediately and can be placed in our own bromeliad room. At our nursery, we always strive to offer our customers a unique selection of bromeliads. We are constantly looking for new hybrids and varieties that have not yet reached the market. This allows us to offer our customers something special.
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Billbergia Hybrid small
Billbergia Midnight Sun x Teng Ee Billbergia Midnight Sun x Teng Ee
Neoregelia Caviar
Neoregelia Cheers
Neoregelia Dark Purple Tone
Uitverkocht -14%
Neoregelia Dartanion
Neoregelia Fever Pitch
Neoregelia Johanis x Concentrica Neoregelia Johanis x Concentrica
Uitverkocht -13%
Neoregelia Ninja Hybrid Neoregelia Ninja Hybrid
Neoregelia Red Tone type 2
Neoregelia Royal Burgundy x Fireball
Neoregelia Shamrock
Uitverkocht -10%
Neoregelia Super Cute
Uitverkocht -11%
Neoregelia Super Cute x Winnie the Pooh Neoregelia Super Cute x Winnie the Pooh
Neoregelia Super Pink Tone
Uitverkocht -8%
Neoregelia Tara
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