At Biotopo, we always strive to provide the highest quality bromeliads for our customers. This is why we source our plants directly from the best growers in Asia. We have our own handler at Schiphol Airport which means that upon arrival they are picked up immediately and can be placed in our own bromeliad room. At our nursery, we always strive to offer our customers a unique selection of bromeliads. We are constantly looking for new hybrids and varieties that have not yet reached the market. This allows us to offer our customers something special.
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Neoregelia Winnie the Pooh Neoregelia Winnie the Pooh
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Neoregelia Dartanion Neoregelia Dartanion
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Micro Neoregelia Micro Neoregelia
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Neoregelia Super Cute S Neoregelia Super Cute S
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Neoregelia Cheers Neoregelia Cheers
Sold out
Neoregelia Dark Purple Tone Neoregelia Dark Purple Tone
Sold out
Neoregelia Walking Tall S Neoregelia Walking Tall S
Sold out
Neoregelia Red Tone type 2 Neoregelia Red Tone type 2
Sold out
Neoregelia Super Pink Tone Neoregelia Super Pink Tone
Sold out
Neoregelia Ninja Hybrid Neoregelia Ninja Hybrid
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Neoregelia Walking Tall Neoregelia Walking Tall
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Neoregelia Tara Neoregelia Tara
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Buying Bromeliads? At Biotopo, of course!

Would you like to add a beautiful bromeliad to your terrarium? Discover the most stunning Neoregelia, Aechmea, and other types in our online shop, perfect additions to your terrarium or living room. Our bromeliads come directly from the grower, where they are sustainably cultivated without the use of pesticides or fertilizers. Pure nature, ready to be placed without any worries. You will always receive a mature and perfectly colored bromeliad.

An Abundance of Bromeliad Varieties

Bromeliad plants come in many fascinating species and varieties. From the colorful and exotic Neoregelia Winnie the Pooh to the elegant and air-purifying Neoregelia Super Cute, there is a bromeliad for every terrarium and houseplant enthusiast. Each species has its own unique characteristics and requirements, so make sure to read the clear descriptions on Whether you’re looking for a striking focal point for your terrarium or a beautiful addition to your living room, our bromeliads offer a wide variety to choose from.

Bromeliad Care Tips for Long-Lasting Beauty

Caring for bromeliads is not only simple but can also be very rewarding. These plants thrive in bright, indirect sunlight conditions and require moderate watering. Be sure to regularly mist the leaves and the center of the plant. Always water the bromeliads in their cup. Don’t forget to remove dead leaves and flowers regularly to maintain the health and appearance of the bromeliad.

Bromeliads Are the Perfect Plants for You

Whether you’re an experienced plant enthusiast or just starting your green adventure, bromeliads are a great choice. With their diverse species, vibrant colors, and easy care, these beautiful plants will undoubtedly add a touch of tropical beauty to your living space. Don’t forget to buy your favorite bromeliad in our online shop and enjoy taking care of these fascinating plants.

Don’t wait any longer – explore the world of bromeliads today and give your terrarium and living room a fresh look with these unique and enchanting plants.