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Biotopo is an importer/exporter of floriculture products specialized in tropical plants, houseplants and terrarium plants.
At Biotopo we have our own handling agent, customs-clearance service and distribution chain.

We are licensed to issue phytosanitary documents ourselves for export or re-export. Therefore we can promise you guaranteed healthy and green plant arrival. You will never have to worry about orders being placed on hold or rejected by customs.

We receive shipments by plane from Thailand to the Netherlands every other week, meaning you can always restock your inventory quickly. Your plants will be delivered properly packaged and protected against heat or cold. Our shipments always arrive at Schiphol Airport on Mondays, so you can expect to receive your order in that same week.

You can find all our species listed under the different categories. Our selection of plants expands every month.
Please contact us If you would like to receive price lists or images of our high quality botanicals.

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