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Hygrolon lianas

At Biotopo, we are always looking for innovative products that will take your terrarium projects to the next level. We are therefore pleased to introduce our newest acquisitions to you. Whether you are an experienced terrarium enthusiast or just starting out, our new products offer endless possibilities for making your terrarium a beautiful and healthy habitat.

1. Hygrolon as a sustainable alternative – Ultimate Moisture Control and Durability

Our Hygrolon cloth is of absolute top quality. Hygrolone is known for its unmatched ability to retain as much as 280% of its own weight in water. This allows it to perfectly mimic tree bark or growth substrate, which is essential for the health of your terrarium plants. In addition, Hygrolone is extremely durable and will not decay, so you never have to replace it. Add Hygrolon to your terrarium for optimal humidity control and a natural look.

2. Hygrolon Lianas – Unlimited Possibilities.

The possibilities for using Hygrolon lianas in terrarium construction are virtually limitless. These lianas are pH neutral, nutrient free and rinse clean easily. They absorb water quickly and provide ideal conditions for the development of plant roots. Suitable for all bromeliads and terrarium plants, they help create a perfect microclimate with constant air circulation and humidity. With different diameters and a length of 1 meter, discover now the versatility of Hygrolon lianas and take your terrarium project to the next level.

3. Hygrolon 3D Panels – For Creative Terrarium Designs

Our Hygrolon 3D panels offer the same benefits as our proven Hygrolon fabric, but with a convenient stainless steel frame on the back, allowing you to shape the panels to your liking. These generous 50 cm x 50 cm plates allow you to easily create height differences and graceful round shapes in both the bottom and background of your terrarium. Combine them with our Hygrolon vines for an extremely durable and extremely lightweight terrarium that provides an ideal environment for your plants.

4. Epi-Web Panels – Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly.

Our Epi-Web panels are ideal for lining your terrarium floor or creating an attractive back wall. pH neutral and indigestible, they are extremely durable and environmentally friendly. Thanks to their coarse texture, they look natural and bear strong resemblance to tree fern. Made of 70% recycled plastic, this modern synthetic plant substrate provides moisture retention and promotes optimal air circulation. With Epi-Web Vines, you can create a beautiful terrarium with endless design possibilities.

5. Tropical Moss Mix – Green Lushness in Your Terrarium

Our Tropical Moss Mix contains as much as 50 grams of various types of tropical mosses and fern spores on a base layer of peat moss, making it easy to apply. This carefully formulated mixture is designed to create a lush, green layer in your terrarium. It has been dried and ground into a fine powder, allowing it to spread seamlessly over Hygrolon lianas, for example. Add a touch of natural beauty to your terrarium with our Tropical Moss Mix.

Continue to Discover and Create

At Biotopo, we always strive to provide you with the best products for your terrarium projects. We understand that your passion for terrariums is more than just a hobby. With our new products, you have all the tools you need to create a beautiful and healthy terrarium that is totally contemporary. Our lightweight materials make it easy to shape the perfect landscapes, while durability ensures that your creations will last a long time. Thanks to our durable products v you can carefree enjoy your beautiful terrarium without unwanted guests. Moreover, we offer you complete freedom in terms of terra-scaping, allowing you to create your own unique world. Start experimenting today and unleash your creativity for breathtaking terrarium landscapes. We are here to support you every step of your journey to an enchanting terrarium! Your passion is what drives us, and we look forward to exploring and transforming the wonderful world of terrariums with you.

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