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Bilbergia Hybrid small 2

The Biotopo webshop has just received a new shipment of breathtaking bromeliads. Our new shipment includes some of the most wonderful new varieties and classics, including neoregelia ninja hybrid, neoregelia super cute and billbergia. Once again, we went out big and had more than 250 pieces shipped over. Many classics and also wonderful new ones will appear in the webshop as soon as the photography is finished. Everything is of course again under our fantastic Skylight( lighting which is also for sale in the webshop.

Hybrids of biotopo

Our hybrids are very popular because of their beautiful patterns and colors. We see them more and more in your beautiful terrariums which of course makes our poison frog heart beat faster. Our new Billbergia are a great addition to any interior and can completely change the mood of a room. These plants are very versatile and can be placed either in a terrarium or on a windowsill.

Our new shipment

Our new shipment of bromeliads includes some of the most unique and beautiful plants you have ever seen. For example, we have the neoregelia ninja hybrid, a beautiful plant with bright green leaves and a unique look. We also have the neoregelia super cute, a modern classic with even brighter colors and patterns as before that is the perfect addition to any terrarium. But that’s not all. We have also added a beautiful billbergia to our assortment. The billbergia has striking leaves and will transform any room into a tropical paradise.


Bromeliads as terrarium plants

Our Neoregelia are perfect plants for your terrarium. Their unique features make them perfect for transforming your terrarium into a real eye catcher. All our hybrids are suitable for the terrarium and are supplied at adult size unless otherwise specified. Also, each product description now states what size terrarium the plant is suitable for. This way we keep improving the descriptions so you can be sure you are ordering the right product. There is always a beautiful hybrid in the webshop to match your terrarium. Check out how to keep your terrarium bromeliads in perfect condition in the following link


Bromeliads as houseplants

But bromeliads are also a great choice as houseplants. These plants are easy to maintain and will brighten up any room. Our new billbergia, for example, is a striking plant that will be a real eye-catcher in your living room. We have sourced different sizes so there is always something to choose from. Some more beautiful than others and we are very excited about this new addition to our already impressive selection of plants.

Our new Billbergia are not only beautiful to look at, but also have several benefits for your interior. Thus, they are air-purifying and provide healthier air in the home. In addition, bromeliads are easy to maintain and require little water. This makes them ideal for people without green fingers.

The billbergia is an unusual species of bromeliad with striking upright leaves and beautiful patterns and colors. In a bright location, this beauty will surprise your with even more color and more intense patterns. The plant has an exotic look and will immediately attract attention in your interior.

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