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Neoregelia Ninja Hybrid

Good News for Lovers of beautiful bromeliads

On Oct. 23, we will welcome another shipment of beautiful bromeliads. We have great news for lovers of the neoregelia ninja hybrid – this popular strain will be available again.

A New Hybrid To Look Forward To

But that’s not all, as we also introduce a new hybrid: the lokelani x super cute. This addition to our lineup is truly fantastic.

Temporarily Unavailable

We regret to inform you that neoregelia shamrock and neoregelia angel face are not currently available. But don’t worry, because in November we are expecting a new shipment of these beautiful bromelias.

Exclusive Species Upcoming

What makes this new shipment extra special is that we are expecting some very exclusive species, including Bilbergia and Quesnelia. These are rare bromeliads that you won’t find everywhere and are a great addition to your collection.

Bromeliads: A Pleasure for the Eye and More

In short, it will be another fantastic time for bromeliad lovers. Fall not only brings change in the weather, but also in our assortment. It’s the perfect opportunity to brighten up your terrarium again with these beautiful plants. Our bromeliads are not only pleasing to the eye, but they also purify the air and provide a healthier living environment. They are also relatively easy to care for, allowing even beginners to enjoy these beautiful plants.

Care Tips for Your Beautiful Bromeliads

When you add any of the new beautiful bromeliads to your terrarium, it is important to take good care of them. Make sure they get enough light, but avoid direct sunlight. Bromeliads thrive at room temperature and can occasionally use a little extra moisture. With proper care, they will reward you with their beautiful colors and shapes. Read our blog on caring for bromeliads so you can enjoy them for a long time.

Availability Changes Rapidly

Returning to our offerings, we want to emphasize that the availability of our bromeliads can change quickly, so be quick to get your favorite varieties. Our stock is limited, and we want to avoid disappointment.

Guidelines for Poison Frogs

We list a few more important guidelines for caring for bromeliads in your terrarium, specifically with poison frogs in mind:

  • Light: Bromeliads grow best in bright, indirect light. Place your terrarium in a location where natural light is filtered, such as near a window with curtains or blinds. Make sure they are not exposed to direct sunlight, as this can be harmful to the frogs.
  • Temperature: Most bromeliads are comfortable at room temperature, somewhere between 18°C and 24°C. This temperature is generally suitable for poison frogs, so creating the right environment for bromeliads also benefits your frogs.
  • Water: Bromeliads have special “cups” in the center of their rosette where they collect water. This provides a moist environment for the frogs, which often depend on these water reservoirs. Keep these cups filled with clean water and change it regularly to prevent stagnant water from becoming harmful to the frogs.
  • Humidity: Bromeliads thrive in an environment with high humidity. This is essential for poison frogs, as they absorb their moisture primarily through their skin. Make sure the humidity in your terrarium is kept at an optimal level.
  • Nutrition: For poison frogs, it is crucial to provide a varied diet. They mainly eat insects such as fruit flies and springtails. The presence of bromeliads in your terrarium can help attract these insects, facilitating the feeding of your frogs.

Stay Informed

To receive the latest updates and information about our assortment, we encourage you to sign up for our newsletter. So you’ll always be the first to know about our new shipments, exclusive offers and handy tips for caring for your bromeliads.

Return of Neoregelia Shamrock and Angel Face

In November we can once again delight you with the return of neoregelia shamrock and neoregelia angel face. These beautiful bromeliads are in high demand and will sell out quickly, so be sure to get there soon.

Come Along and Admire Our Beautiful Bromeliads

In short, we have much to look forward to in the world of our beloved poison frogs and terrariums. Whether you are an experienced collector or just starting out, there is something for everyone. So mark October 23 in your calendar and come to our webshop to admire the latest acquisitions. We look forward to welcoming you and helping you choose the perfect bromeliad for your terrarium. See you soon!

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