Gecko Powerfood Strawberry

Gecko Powerfood Strawberry is a high-quality powdered multivitamin suitable for all species of fruit-eating geckos that require fruit-based gelintegration is the key to optimal health and vitality for your beloved pets. With our simple and quick preparation method, where you simply mix 2 parts water with 1 part powder, you offer your geckos a nutritious meal without the hassle. Our product is produced with care in Italy, using only the very best quality raw materials and without the addition of artificial preservatives. This ensures the highest quality food for your geckos.
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Discover Gecko Powerfood Strawberry, the balanced food specially formulated for geckos such as Phelsuma Klemmeri, as well as other fruit-eating reptiles. Our high-quality formula provides all the essential nutrients and vitamins geckos need for optimal health and beautiful color intensity. Our proudly cherished quality product Gecko Powerfood Strawberry was developed in Italy by dedicated specialists and veterinarians.

Gecko Powerfood Strawberry: top quality vitamins for reptiles

Available in packs of 50 grams or 100 grams, this high-quality multivitamin provides a full range of vitamins and minerals your fruit-eating geckos and other reptiles need. We use only top quality raw materials to create this feed. Plus, our high-quality vitamins for reptiles are available in no less than five delicious flavors: banana, strawberry, kiwi, apricot and apple. So you can continue to spoil your reptile with a variety of fruits. Give your terrarium animals the nutrition they deserve and order Gecko Powerfood Strawberry today. Your geckos will love it!

Composition: Strawberry 40%, Banana, Dehydrated glucose syrup, Eggs, Potato protein, Vital wheat gluten, Calcium carbonate from ground calcium rocks (Ca 38%), Whey milk powder.

Analytical components: Crude fiber 12.46%, Crude fat 3.32%, Crude ash 3.73%, Calcium 0.48%, Sodium 0.09%, Phosphorus 0.06%

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