Instant Drosophila Media

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Instant Drosophila Media for all types of fruit flies, contains everything necessary for the complete and healthy development of your fruit flies. With no unpleasant odors and long-lasting shelf life.
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Instant Drosophila Media was developed by Italian veterinarians and biologists. Simple to use, no more nasty odors and great results guaranteed.

Instructions for use Instant Drosophila Media

Follow the ratios below for each new 500ML culture:
Hydei 30g powder / about 50ML water
Melanogaster 20g powder / about 40ML water
It is advisable to use room temperature osmosis water.
Blend the preparation until the desired consistency is reached, add straw curls and add your fruit flies.

Resealable containers of 500G, 1KG, 2KG available.



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