Tropical Moss Mix

Our Tropical Moss Mix is formulated with as much as 50 grams of various types of tropical mosses and fern spores on a base layer of peat moss for easy application. This carefully formulated mixture is specially designed to create a lush, green layer in your terrarium. The mix is carefully dried and ground into a fine powder for easy application and seamless spreading on Hygrolon vines, for example.

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Tropical Moss Mix from Dusk Tropic guarantees unmatched quality. This product is a true addition to your rainforest terrarium as it will create a beautiful, lush green base layer with moss and tropical ferns. Whether you use fern root plates or Hygrolon products from our webshop, this mix adds a tropical beauty and authenticity to your terrarium.

Tropical Moss Mix for beautiful moss in the terrarium

Our Tropical Moss Mix has been carefully formulated to meet the specific requirements of tropical plants and ferns, making it the ideal choice for creating a true-to-life tropical landscape in your terrarium. With this high-quality mix, you can effortlessly maintain proper moisture levels and cultivate a healthy microclimate for your plants. Discover the versatility and superior properties of our Tropical Moss Mix and bring the splendor of the rainforest to your terrarium. Choose the highest quality and achieve a breathtaking terrarium design that is both visually appealing and beneficial to the health of your plants. Order from our webshop today and transform your terrarium project into a masterpiece of natural splendor.

Reviews 8

8 reviews for Tropical Moss Mix

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  1. Prima maar ben benieuwd hoe het ontwikkeld

  2. I expect this wil works very good.

  3. Ruime hoeveelheid mos mix, nu nog wachten op het resultaat.

  4. Top product.

  5. Goed aan te brengen. Nog te vroeg om resultaat te zien.

  6. Erg benieuwd naar deze mos mix en de groei

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