Tropical isopod substrate

At Biotopo, we are incredibly proud of our home-made tropical woodlice substrate, completely pesticide-free and rich in raw materials that our beloved tropical isopods love. Discover the natural opulence of our tropical isopod substrate, a sustainable choice for creating an optimal habitat for your tropical isopods. Our substrate contains a natural mix of high quality ingredients, such as leaves, bark, fern cuttings, wood and special food for tropical isopods, in order to mimic a fertile forest floor as faithfully as possible. This product comes in 100% plastic-free packaging.
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Our substrate is carefully composed of natural materials sourced from local nurseries in the area, such as bark and peat. At Biotopo, we value sustainability and quality. By using local resources, we not only reduce our carbon footprint, but also support the community around us.

Tropical isopod substrate made from sustainable materials

The bark and peat we use are carefully selected to provide an ideal environment for our beloved tropical isopods and springtails. Our aim is not only to create optimal habitat for tropical isopods, but also to contribute to a healthy and balanced ecosystem. Choose Biotopo and discover how our substrate, with its natural blend of local ingredients, can have a positive impact on the breeding and habitat of your tropical isopods or springtails.



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