Terrariumbedding package

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Our Terrarium ground cover package, composed of various nuts and seeds from Suriname, not only provides a beautiful and authentic terrarium floor but also has an antibacterial effect. Always varied, it contains different kinds of nuts, seeds and more. This carefully formulated mix provides a natural and stimulating environment for your terrarium inhabitants. With antibacterial properties, it not only promotes the well-being of your reptiles or amphibians, but also provides an aesthetically pleasing ground cover. Give your terrarium an authentic rainforest feel with our unique ground cover composed of the diversity of Surinamese nuts and seeds.
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To ensure that our tropical nuts and seedlings from Suriname are collected only in agency designated areas, strict measures are taken to ensure the sustainability and protection of the natural habitat. Also, all our tropical ground cover products are treated and totally free of pesticides.

Authentic Terrariumbedding package

Our varied Terrarium Ground Cover Package creates a realistic environment for the inhabitants of your terrarium. We place great importance on accurately mimicking the natural habitat of terrarium animals. The use of tropical leaves from Suriname certainly contributes to this ambition. Formulated with care, our mix not only provides aesthetically pleasing ground cover, but also encourages the natural behavior of your terrarium inhabitants. Give your terrarium an authentic rainforest look with our ground cover mix, which brings to life the natural charm of Suriname leaves.

Reviews 1

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  1. Prima

  2. Mooie toevoeging aan het paludarium

  3. Very cute selection of pods and different seeds etc. nice textures and colours

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