Synthic Spaghnum Substrate

Synthic Spaghnum Substrate is not only very versatile and durable, but also easily washable, making it ideal for terrarium applications. It is pH-neutral and nutrient-free, offering excellent water absorption and optimal microclimate regulation. In addition, the structure of Synthic Spaghnum Substrate promotes the healthy development of roots, which is essential for the healthy growth and flowering of your terrarium plants and bromeliads.  
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Synthic Spaghnum Substrate from Dusk Tropic is of absolute top quality. This product is made of a material that can hold as much as 280% of its own weight in water, mimicking tree bark or growing substrate. In addition, Synthic Spaghnum Substrate is extremely durable and will not decay, so you never have to replace it in your terrarium.

Synthic Spaghnum Substrate for the terrarium

This high-quality substrate comes in convenient 6-liter bags and consists of strips of 100% recycled PET nylon fibers, each 10 centimeters long. Synthic Spaghnum Substrate is extremely versatile and suitable for a variety of applications. Whether you have a terrarium, orchids, green walls, or a greenhouse, this substrate is perfect. It can be used as a soil for your terrarium or to firmly anchor your terrarium plants. Our substrate is made from recycled PET material and contributes to a more sustainable planet. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional organic growing substrates such as sphagnum, cork, bark, tree fern grit and Cocohusk.

Material properties:
Raw material Polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Water-holding capacity 285%. Salinity initially 3-5 µS. PH Neutral 7.0. Weight 310 g/m². UV UV stable. Length 100 mm

Reviews 1

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  1. Goede vervanging van mijn natuurlijk spaghnum mos

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