Peat blocks

Our peat blocks are of very high quality and are extracted from specially selected fields. These fields are intended for the cutting of peat, so we are assured of pure peat without unwanted materials.

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One of the best uses of peat blocks in a terrarium is to create a boundary between the terrestrial and aquatic areas. Peat blocks can be used to create a raised area in your terrarium on which plants can grow without flooding. This provides a varied landscape in your terrarium and creates a visually appealing transition between land and water. Moreover, it offers the possibility of growing different types of plants, both on land and in water, which promotes the biodiversity of your terrarium.

Perfect for moss and selaginella

Many plants, such as Selaginella, thrive on peat blocks because of their natural acidity. Peat blocks have a low pH, making them an ideal growing medium for acid-loving plants.



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