Hygrolon Lianas

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The possibilities for using Hygrolon lianas in terrarium construction are virtually limitless. Hygrolon vines are pH neutral, nutrient free and rinse clean easily. They absorb water quickly and provide ideal conditions for the development of plant roots in the material. Suitable for all bromeliads and terrarium plants, these vines help create a perfect microclimate thanks to constant air circulation and humidity. Moreover, they always have a length of 1 meter and three different diameters are available. Discover the versatility of Hygrolon vines now and take your terrarium project to the next level.
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Our Hygrolon Lianas from Dusk Tropic are of absolute top quality. Hygrolone is a material that can hold as much as 280% of its own weight in water, mimicking tree bark or growing substrate. In addition, Hygrolon is extremely durable and will not decay, so you never have to replace it in your terrarium.

Hygrolon Lianen for your bromeliads in the terrarium

Hygrolon Vines are an ideal choice for building a durable and lightweight terrarium, with ample space for your terrarium plants and bromeliads. These vines are available in three different sizes, giving you the opportunity to create a beautiful terrarium with endless design possibilities. Combine our vines effortlessly with, for example, our Hygrolon 3D sheets to create breathtaking landscapes with depth and height differences. Best of all, you can reuse them as many times as you want, giving you the freedom to constantly work on a terrarium that meets all your needs. Discover the versatility of Hygrolon Lianas now and start designing your dream terrarium.

Material properties:
Raw material Polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Water-holding capacity 285%. Salinity initially 3-5 µS. PH Neutral 7.0. UV: UV stable.

Reviews 3

3 reviews for Hygrolon Lianas

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  1. Easy to handle in the tank

  2. Werkt goed, zou handig zijn als ze in de positie blijven bij buigen

  3. Erg goede kwaliteit.

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