Hygrolone cloth

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The possibilities for using Hygrolon cloth in orchid cultivation and terrarium construction are almost limitless. Hygrolon cloth is pH neutral, free of nutrients and rinses out easily. It absorbs water quickly and provides ideal conditions for plant roots to develop easily in the material. It is suitable for a wide range of terrarium plants, especially epiphytes, and creates a perfect microclimate thanks to constant air circulation and humidity.
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Our Hygrolon cloth is of absolute top quality. Hygrolone is a material that can hold as much as 280% of its own weight in water, mimicking tree bark or growing substrate. In addition, Hygrolon is extremely durable and will not decay, so you never have to replace it in your terrarium.

Top quality Hygrolon cloth by Dusk Tropic from Sweden

Hygrolon cloth consists of three layers, with two woven outer layers separated by a layer of strands of upright nylon fibers. These outer layers are extremely hygroscopic and are woven using an advanced chain technique, giving it its characteristic net structure. Mesh design is essential to provide both root and air access to the material. The middle layer acts as an aeration layer, providing the roots with the ideal balance of air and moisture. When water comes in contact with the outer layers, it spreads rapidly over the entire surface, similar to organic material such as tree bark, peat moss, and so on. It is the durable choice for your terrarium and provides a perfect growing environment for your terrarium plants and bromeliads.

Material properties:
Raw material Polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Water-holding capacity 285%. Salinity initially 3-5 µS. PH Neutral 7.0. Weight 310 g/m². UV UV stable. Thickness 3.5mm

Reviews 5

5 reviews for Hygrolone cloth

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  1. Ideaal voor wandbekleding

  2. Dit is het echte originele doek. Absorbeert super en veel beter dan het zwarte (namaak) doen

  3. Het is gewoon prachtig materiaal.

  4. Alles was in orde: snelle levering, goed verpakt, correcte grootte goede gezondheid van de planten

  5. Zeer positief

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