Hygrolon 3D panels

The possibilities for using Hygrolon 3D panels in orchid cultivation and terrarium construction are almost limitless. Hygrolon 3D panels are pH neutral, nutrient free and rinse out easily. It absorbs water quickly and provides ideal conditions for plant roots to develop easily in the material. It is suitable for a wide range of terrarium plants, especially epiphytes, and creates a perfect microclimate thanks to constant air circulation and humidity.
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Our Hygrolon 3D panels are of absolute top quality. Hygrolone is a material that can hold as much as 280% of its own weight in water, mimicking tree bark or growing substrate. In addition, Hygrolon is extremely durable and will not decay, so you never have to replace it in your terrarium.

Hygrolon 3D panels for worry-free terrarium construction

Hygrolon 3D panels offer the same benefits as our proven Hygrolon fabric, but with a convenient stainless steel frame on the back, allowing you to shape the panels to your liking. These generous 50 cm x 50 cm plates allow you to easily create height differences and graceful round shapes in both the bottom and background of your terrarium. When combined with our Hygrolon vines, for example, this creates an extremely durable and extremely lightweight terrarium. This product opens doors to creative terrarium designs that are both functional and aesthetically stunning. Discover now the versatility of our Hygrolon 3D panels and transform your terrarium into a true eye-catcher.

Material properties:
Raw material Polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Water-holding capacity 285%. Salinity initially 3-5 µS. PH Neutral 7.0. Weight 510 g/m². UV UV stable. Thickness 5 mm

Reviews 3

3 reviews for Hygrolon 3D panels

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  1. Werkt goed, randen van het staal zijn erg scherp

  2. Benieuwd om mee te werken. Vorm blijft goed behouden.

  3. Mooi spul

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