Epi-Web panels

Our Epi-Web panels are ideal for lining your terrarium floor or creating an attractive back wall. Epi-Web is not only pH neutral and indigestible, making it an extremely durable and environmentally friendly product, but it is also easy to clean. Thanks to its coarse texture, it looks natural and bears strong resemblance to tree fern. It is particularly suitable for all your terrarium plants. Due to its properties, Epi-Web helps create a perfect tropical microclimate around the roots of your terrarium plants. Discover the versatility of Epi-Web panels and take your terrarium to the next level.

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Epi-Web panels are a modern, synthetic plant substrate made of as much as 70% recycled plastic. The unique structure of this substrate provides moisture retention and promotes optimal air circulation, which has a significant positive impact on the health of your plants’ roots. Moreover, this product is completely non-toxic and safe for both your plants and pets. Discover the durability and effectiveness of Epi-Web panels and improve the growth of your plants today.

Our Epi-Web panels are Top quality terrarium bedding

Our 50 cm x 50 cm x 2 cm Epi-Web panels consist of durable and stable plastic that does not degrade. When overgrown with moss or plants, they retain moisture for a long time and remain free of harmful bacteria. Epi-Web is 100% non-toxic and manufactured with as much as 70% recycled material. These panels lend themselves perfectly to use as ground cover or back wall in your terrarium. They also provide a solid base for hanging orchids. Regular watering is required in the early stages, but once the material is overgrown with moss, watering can be reduced. Discover the versatility and durability of Epi-Web panels for your terrarium projects.

Material: polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Water-holding capacity: 76% of its own weight. Conductivity: 0-1 µS. PH: Neutral 7.0. Weight: 97 g/liter. UV stable: yes

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