Dicksonia squarrosa tree fern grit

Dicksonia Squarrosa tree fern grit is a natural substrate derived from the Dicksonia Squarossa tree fern. The grit consists of fibers, pieces of bark, and other organic materials that break down into an airy and porous structure. Tree fern grit has a brownish color and has a natural look that fits well in a rainforest terrarium.  
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Dicksonia Squarrosa tree fern grit has several properties that make it an excellent choice for use in the terrarium. First, it is lightweight and airy, making it an ideal substrate for plants that thrive in airy soil. It also has a high water holding capacity, meaning it can retain water and gradually release it to plants. Tree fern grit is great for removing sealant seams in your terrarium.

How do you get the most out of your fern root product?

Fern root products are great for growing up epiphytes in your terrarium. These products can be sprayed with osmosis water to allow mosses and ferns to grow from the spores present. By using fern roots as walls in the terrarium, you can create a natural look and keep the humidity high. This is ideal for growing epiphytic plants that normally thrive in humid environments. With fern root products, you can create a beautiful and vibrant green environment in the terrarium that you and the inhabitants are sure to enjoy.



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