Den Braven aqua-silicone sealant

Den Braven aqua-silicone sealant is perfect for attaching tree fern panels to your vivarium glass walls. for attaching wood to the glass of your terrarium or even wood to tree fern panels etc. Non-toxic so safe for your vivarium inhabitants. Let it harden for at least 5 days before adding amphibians or reptiles to your enclosure.
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Den Braven aqua-silicone sealant is great for creating a safe and comfortable environment for your terrarium inhabitants. This high-quality kit attaches tree fern panels, among other things, to the glass walls of your vivarium.

den braven Aqua-silicone sealant

Our special terrarium and aquarium sealant is an excellent choice for attaching wood and fern root products to glass because it is durable, flexible, waterproof and safe for reptiles and amphibians. This sealant provides strong adhesion and ensures that the panels stay firmly in place, even in a humid environment such as a vivarium.



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