Styrofoam insulation box

Our Styropor insulation box is an innovative solution specially designed to protect your bromeliads and terrarium plants from the cold. This box is made of high-quality material that insulates and protects plants from cold temperatures.
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Bromeliads and terrarium plants are beautiful tropical plant species that grow naturally in warm and humid climates. These exotic plants are most comfortable in temperatures that fluctuate between a pleasant 18 and 24 degrees Celsius. It is vital to realize that they are quite sensitive to cold conditions, so it is advisable to ensure that they are never exposed to too low temperatures.

Optimal Shipping in our styrofoam insulation box

Styropor insulation box has the unique ability to create a protective microclimate around your beloved greenery. This microclimate serves as a safe shield against the often unfavorable cold conditions that prevail outside. What makes this box so special is its excellent insulating capacity, which ensures that the temperature inside the box always remains at a comfortable and plant-friendly level, even when the outside temperature is uncomfortably low.

Reviews 5

5 reviews for Styrofoam insulation box

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  1. Mijn planten zijn veilig en warm geleverd d.m.v. deze box. Ideaal nu met het koude weer.

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  3. The plants were well packed.

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  5. Zoals afgebeeld

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