WIO Rocket Sand

Introducing WIO Rocket Sand that won't affect your tank's pH or kH! Experience an even more captivating riverbed effect with an expanded color palette and added grain texture. A refined mix of pale to rich dark gray granules takes your aquascape or terrarium to the next level. The improved Rocket Sand not only provides visual appeal, but also functional benefits for your aquarium or terrarium. The inertness of the sand keeps the pH and kH of your tank stable, providing a safe and comfortable environment for your residents. Create a natural and attractive setting in your aquascape or terracescape with WIO Rocket Sand.
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At Biotopo we strongly believe in the value of every detail in creating a natural and beautiful habitat. That is why we proudly introduce the WIO Rocket Sand. Our aquarium sand is selected with great care based on quality and texture, with the aim of not only providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but also creating a natural environment for the inhabitants of your aquarium or terrarium.

WIO Rocket Sand for aquarium or terrarium

Let us inspire your creativity with the extensive range of sands and gravels available. You can even experiment with mixing our sands, even our gravels and other decorative materials to create your own unique and personalized riverbed, enhancing the natural beauty of your aquarium or terrarium.

With WIO Rocket Sand the possibilities to create a unique and beautiful natural environment are truly endless. We strive to provide you with the means to create a habitat that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also optimally suited to the well-being of your beloved aquatic and terrarium animals. Very suitable for both the aquarium and the terrarium.



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