WIO Powervol Base

WIO Powervol Base is a 100% natural volcanic substrate that offers simple topography creation, optimal root nutrition and active biofiltration. Ideal for aquariums, paludariums and terrariums. This substrate makes it effortless to create height differences and provides roots with optimal nutrition. In addition, it actively acts as a biofilter, providing a home to beneficial bacteria that improve water quality and contribute to environmental balance. WIO Powervol Base contributes to a healthy and balanced ecosystem for your aquatic and terrarium animals. Choose the natural power of our substrate and elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your living environment.
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WIO Powervol Base is your ultimate solution for creating ecosystems that are both vibrant and resilient. Ideal for aquariums, paludariums and terrariums, this carefully curated selection of basic substrates combines natural aesthetic appeal with scientific functionality.

WIO Powervol Base nutrients for aquarium, paludarium and terrarium

Effortlessly imagine hills, valleys and slopes while providing a nutrient-rich base packed with essential minerals and trace elements. Here your design elements – such as stones, driftwood, etc. – find a stable and interconnected foundation, laying the foundation for a world that not only looks beautiful but also functions efficiently. The porous materials in our substrates go one step further by acting as biofilters, home to beneficial bacteria that improve water quality and contribute to environmental balance.

In addition, the aerated structure ensures optimal oxygen supply, transforming your base layer into a lively, breathable biotope. The aerodynamic features not only promote the well-being of your flora and fauna, but also contribute to the overall health of the ecosystem. With the Base Series you not only create visually appealing environments, but also promote sustainable and resilient habitats for your aquatic and terrestrial companions. Choose the synergy of beauty and functionality with the Base Series and discover the power of a living landscape that comes to life.



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