WIO Elder Root

WIO Elder Root provide a natural, sustainable and beautiful effect for your aquarium or terrarium. These roots add beautiful detail to your aquascape or terrascape, creating a natural atmosphere. With their authentic appearance, the Elder Roots take the aesthetics of your natural creation to a higher level. These top quality tree roots not only add to the visual appeal, but also provide health benefits to your aquatic organisms and plants. Experience the beauty and durability of WIO Elder Root and create an enchanting environment in your aquarium or terrarium.

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WIO Elder Root is the essence of nature-inspired creations, adding texture, depth and a captivating sense of natural beauty to aquariums, paludariums and terrariums. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, carrots provide countless benefits to your aquatic organisms and plants, making them an essential ingredient in any nature-inspired setup.

WIO Elder root for lifelike details in your aquascape or terrarium

We are proud of our extensive range of root products, designed to take your nature creation to new heights. Our Mini Root, Twisted Root and Elder Root offer versatile and authentic options to enhance the aesthetics and reality of your aquarium or terrarium.

From the fine detail of Mini Roots to the enchanting twists of Twisted Roots, the flexibility of these roots and the versatility of Elder Roots, our line of tree root products offers a range of natural and authentic options. Enhance the reality and aesthetics of your aquarium or terrarium and bring the beauty of nature to life in every detail.

Discover the transformative power of WIO Roots and elevate your aquascape with the unparalleled beauty and authenticity they bring.



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