WIO Cimarron Sand

Give your aquarium a natural riverbed impression with WIO Cimarron Sand, a type of sand with earthy natural tones. Use it on its own or mix it with our other decorative sands for added texture and complexity. The sand has been carefully composed to create a natural look in your aquarium. The earthy tones and the variation in grain size give the feeling of a real riverbed. Whether you choose single use or a mix with other sand types, this sand adds an exciting element to your aquascape or terrascape. WIO Cimarron Sand invites creativity, giving you the opportunity to create a lively and natural landscape in your aquarium or terrarium.
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At Biotopo we strongly believe in the value of every detail in creating a natural and beautiful habitat. That is why we proudly introduce the WIO Cimarron Sand. Our aquarium sand is selected with great care based on quality and texture, with the aim of not only providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but also creating a natural environment for the inhabitants of your aquarium or terrarium.

WIO Cimarron Sand for aquarium or terrarium

Let us inspire your creativity with the extensive range of sands and gravels available. You can even experiment with mixing our sands, even our gravels and other decorative materials to create your own unique and personalized riverbed, enhancing the natural beauty of your aquarium or terrarium.

With WIO Cimarron Sand, the possibilities to create a unique and beautiful natural environment are truly endless. We strive to provide you with the means to create a habitat that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also optimally suited to the well-being of your beloved aquatic and terrarium animals. Very suitable for both the aquarium and the terrarium.



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