WIO Brown Eonian Substraat

Designed to provide complete nutrition for long term use in planted aquariums or paludarium, WIO Brown Eonian Substrate provides a bio filter function for enhanced microbe colonization. Create a mesmerizing aquatic display with the deep black tones of the substrate. Inspired by the nutrient-rich soils of tropical regions, this substrate is ideal for simulating habitats such as the rivers of the Amazon or the swamps of Southeast Asia. The porous volcanic substrate of WIO Brown Eonian Substrate provides a stable base for plants to grow, supplying them with necessary macro and micro elements for long-lasting beauty.
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WIO Brown Eonian Substrate is inspired by the nutrient-rich soils found in tropical regions and provides a stable volcanic base substrate for aquatic plants and also terrarium plants to grow and thrive. It supplies all the necessary macro and micro elements for long-lasting growth and beauty. The substrate’s exceptional bio-filtering ability improves microbe colonization, helping to reduce harmful dust build-up and promote a healthy ecosystem.

WIO Brown Eonian Substrate for healthy plant growth in aquarium and paludarium

The Eonian Series is available in 3 shades and 2 grit sizes, perfect for creating dramatic, high-contrast aquascapes and biotopes that will inspire and delight aquarium enthusiasts and nature lovers.

The Artist Series, on the other hand, is crafted from 100% natural clay with the capabilities of pH buffering and the ability to absorb and remove impurities and toxins from the water. It is designed to mimic any natural habitat with its six unique shades and two grit options. The Artist Series provides an optimal ready-to-use substrate for aquatic flora and fauna and ensures a complete nutritional supply of macro and micro elements for plants. It is a natural buffer that helps maintain a stable pH in the aquarium. The Artist Series is perfect for wildlife artists who want to create a custom and realistic biotope in their aquarium.

The Wetland Series offers a perfect blend of beauty and functionality, inspiring and entertaining hobbyists while promoting the natural behaviors and activities of aquatic species.



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