WIO Belladonna Gravel

WIO Belladonna Gravel is a natural river gravel that creates a realistic and natural-looking river bed in your aquarium or terrarium. The gravel ranges from warm gray to brown and dark tones, creating a range of natural colours. The pebbles are small, soft and have a smooth texture, making them ideal for an aquascape and terrarium plants. WIO Belladonna Gravel can be spread directly in the aquarium or terrarium. The gravel is also ideal for creating paths and fine details in your aquascape, and is a perfect match with WIO Sands and WIO Roots. WIO Elderly Gravel does not affect water hardness and is pre-washed, making it immediately ready for use.
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At Biotopo we understand that every detail is important when it comes to creating a natural and beautiful vivarium for your aquatic or terrarium animals. That’s why we offer WIO Belladonna Gravel, carefully selected for quality, size, color and texture to ensure they not only look beautiful, but also provide a natural environment for your pets.

WIO Belladonna Gravel for detailed aquascapes and terrascaping

Our gravel consists of rock fragments that can vary in size from small pebbles to larger stones. They come in a variety of colors and textures, from smooth and polished to rough and serrated, to suit different setups.

Gravel can be used to anchor plants, create hiding places for your pets and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria. They also play an important role in creating a visually appealing and natural-looking landscape for your aquarium or terrarium. By carefully selecting the size, color and texture of your gravel, you can create a truly unique and beautiful habitat for your aquatic or terrarium animals.

WIO Belladonna Gravel can be used to create continuity and cohesion in the landscape, by matching the colors and textures of the rocks and boulders in your setup. They can also create transitions between different parts of the setup, such as larger gravel at the base of a rock formation to create a gradual slope and transition to smaller gravel near the front of the aquarium. Playing with the size of the gravel can also create interesting visual effects, such as paths or a substrate that mimics the look of a riverbed or stream.



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