Tillandsia melanocrater tricolor

Tillandsia melanocrater tricolor is a beautiful air plant perfect for the terrarium. With its beautiful bright green leaves and color gradient, Tillandsia melanocrater tricolor creates a beautiful atmosphere in the rainforest terrarium. The beautiful green color comes out particularly well under the Skylight MID30 lamps. This Tillandsia is an ideal choice for beginners and experienced plant lovers alike. The distinct look and extraordinary beauty of this Tillandsia make it a highly decorative asset that can add a special atmosphere to any environment.
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Tillandsia melanocrater tricolor is an epiphytic plant, meaning it grows in nature without being rooted in the ground. Instead, the Tillandsia melanocrater tricolor attaches attaches itself to trees or other surfaces and draws nutrients and moisture from the air and rainwater. This unique adaptation makes Tillandsias perfect for growing in a vivarium, where humidity is high and conditions are similar to their natural habitat in the tropical forests of Central and South America.

Tillandsia melanocrater tricolor air plant for living room or terrarium

Good ventilation is important to promote air circulation and provide fresh air for the Tillandsia melanocrater tricolor. This can be achieved by ensuring that there are sufficient air openings in the terrarium, such as by using a mesh cover or installing fans to let fresh air in. Each Tillandsia in our range is carefully selected based on its suitability for vivarium conditions and comes as a well-matured plant, ready to steal the show in your vivarium or living room.

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