Sonerila Lightning

Sonerila Lightning is a beautiful plant with a striking appearance. They have a deep, rich color from dark green at the base to almost white at the veins, with dark pink tones at the leaf margins. This Sonerila is not at all a difficult plant to care for. In the terrarium it will do incredibly well. Constantly moist habitat or water on the leaves are all well tolerated but not a requirement. Do not put it in full light, but provide a somewhat sheltered spot in your terrarium.

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Sonerila Lightning is ideally suited for a rainforest terrarium with high humidity. It grows well in the moist environment of a terrarium will display its splendor in those conditions. The beautiful leaves of our Sonerila species are sure to never cease to amaze you.

Optimal Care for the Sonerila Lightning

Light: This Sonerila grows best in shaded on the bottom of the terrarium. Therefore, place the plant in an area with moderate lighting or in a lower part of your terrarium for best growth and development of colors.

Temperature: Sonerila Lightning prefers a temperature between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius. Make sure the leaves can dry out between sprays.

Our plants are carefully grown and cared for to ensure they are at their maximum vigor and beauty at the time of delivery.

Reviews 4

4 reviews for Sonerila Lightning

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  1. the best quality

  2. Good packaging and Amazing plant

  3. I received a very nice plant.

  4. Een goede en gezonde plant, is maar iets kleiner dan op de afbeelding.

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