Skylight Midspot V55

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When it comes to creating optimal lighting levels for tall, vertical, planted terrariums, there is no better choice than the Skylight Midspot V55. These lights are specially designed to induce the production of carotenoids in plants, such as bromeliads, and are extremely effective in promoting healthy growth and development of plants in terrariums.
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Skylight Midspot V55 is specially designed to promote carotenoid production in plants, especially bromeliads. This ensures healthy and vibrant plants in the terrarium, improving the overall aesthetics of the terrarium and stimulating plant growth.

Extra power for your tall terrarium with Skylight Midspot V55

The Skylight Midspot V55 has a 55-degree lens. Shines deep into your terrarium with sparkling neutral light. These lamps can be easily placed on the glass top of a terrarium, which is recommended for maximum effectiveness. Moreover, it is also allowed to use a mesh top as long as it is made of metal to ensure the safety of the animals in the terrarium.

Power: 14 W Luminous flux: 1400lm Color temperature: 6200K Voltage rating: 12 V dc Current rating: 1.2 A



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