Skylight MID-30R Intense

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To create a healthy and vibrant habitat for your plants and animals, proper lighting is one of the most important elements for your terrarium. And when it comes to achieving intense colors in your terrarium, the Skylight MID-30R Intense Series terrarium lighting is definitely the best choice! The MID-30R has exactly the same specifications as the Skylight MID-30 lamps. The R stands for Rack version. This means that it can be mounted through screw holes present in the metal housing of the lamp.
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Skylight MID-30R Intense Series: the key to vibrant, intense colors in your terrarium! These lights are designed in a very different way from other terrarium lighting, with one ultimate goal in mind: vibrant, intense colors that bring your terrarium to life.

Skylight MID-30R Intense for Beautiful color reproduction of your terrarium

One of the main features of the Skylight MID-30R Intense lamps is the deep red light in the spectrum that is emitted. This deep red light has a unique effect on the plants in your terrarium. Indeed, it triggers phytochromes, the photo receptors in plants, to produce colorful protective pigments. This results in beautiful and intense colors in your terrarium, with the plants activating their natural defense mechanisms and protecting themselves from stressors such as diseases and pests.

In addition to the deep red light, the spectrum of the Skylight MID-30R Intense lamps is based on RGB, which stands for red, green and blue. This RGB-based spectrum offers a wide range of colors that the human eye can perceive, allowing you, the user, to admire your planted terrarium with deeper, more intense colors. You will be amazed by the beautiful color reproduction of your plants and animals, turning your terrarium into a true visual spectacle.

A common problem with terrarium lighting is lateral glare, which can lead to reduced viewing pleasure and even eye fatigue. But with the Skylight MID-30R Intense lamps, you don’t have to worry about that! These lights are designed to minimize lateral glare so you can enjoy watching your terrarium unhindered. The sheer viewing pleasure you will experience with these lamps will surely convince you of their exceptional quality.

Enrich your terrarium with the Skylight MID-30R Intense Series.

Wattage per bulb:9.6 Lumen output:800 lm Color temperature:7000 Kelvin Rated voltage:12 V dc Current:800 mA




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