Labisia sp.

Labisia sp. is an extraordinary tropical plant with origins dating back to Asia. In particular, the plant is known for its unique appearance, characterized by oval-shaped leaves that display beautiful neon-colored veins.This rare and exotic Labisia does particularly well under the lighting of our Skylight Terrarium, and in the process will exhibit its color splendor to the maximum. This beautiful botanical terrarium plant is available in different shapes. If you are interested, you can always inquire about available varieties.
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Labisia sp. is ideally suited for a rainforest terrarium with high humidity. It thrives in the moist environment of a terrarium and can exhibit lush growth. The beautiful leaves of our Labisia species are sure to never cease to amaze you.

Optimal Care for the labisia sp.

Light: This Labisia grows best in shaded on the bottom of the terrarium. Therefore, place the plant in an area with moderate lighting or in a lower part of your terrarium for best growth and development of colors.

Temperature: Labisia sp. prefers a temperature between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius. Make sure the leaves can dry out between sprays.

Our plants are carefully grown and cared for to ensure they are at their maximum vigor and beauty at the time of delivery.

Reviews 3

3 reviews for Labisia sp.

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  1. the best quality

  2. Great nice plants and top quality/size

  3. Waarschijnlijkeen variant van een Labisia pumila of een pumila hybride. Het heeft een aangename roze tint op de middennerf en aan de zijkant van de bladeren. Andere delen van het blad zijn donkergroen met een fluweelachtige textuur. Het begon al een nieuw blad te laten groeien terwijl het laatste nog niet eens zijn volledige grootte had bereikt.

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