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We continue to expand our webshop plus the first Expo is on it's way : )

It's finally happening, we're going to the Houten terrarium expo on September 19, 2021. The stand has been reserved. We will bring our bromeliads, Ranarium supplements and feeder insects with us to the expo. Our range of products is many times larger than just bromeliads and vitamin powders as you all know of course, but we go to meet everyone in person and get to know each other. Of course we also hope to expand our clientele this way. That being said, despite the fact that we started Biotopo at a time where we had to make ourselves known digitally, we did not expect to receive so much attention and orders already. Which is obvioulsly thanks to you!!!

Furthermore, we have expanded our range of products again in the last few weeks. Many thanks to Terrated and Frogfoods for supplying us with top quality products. We received more tropical leaves, including beautiful banana and cocoa leaves. Furthermore, we now also have silicone sealant so that you can actually attach our Xaxim/Treefern plates to your vivarium.

The 50 cm x 20 cm x 1.5 cm variant of our Xaxim/Treefern plates will hopefully be available in the webshop at the end of July.

Another big order of bromeliads from Spain is on it's way as well. We ordered a lot of beautiful specimens again. This time at least 2 pieces per variant, except for the Neoregelia Wild Tiger

and Screaming Tiger. These will therefore appear as Special in the webshop. We are still in the process of ordering the bromeliads directly from the nursery. This is a lengthy and extensive process. We are not giving up and we are sure that it will eventually succeed. As soon as the time comes, there will be a giveaway again. We will also be able to offer the beautiful Hybrids for better prices.

So much for this blog and hopefully until 19 September at the terrarium expo in Houten!!!!