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We are ready!

Just a few more days before we go to the Expo in Houten. The last bromeliads are on their way and all supplies have arrived such as price tags, large canvas with logo and QR code, mango wooden (from a nursery) holders for the bromeliads etc.

Finally we have managed to turn our shipping materials to plastic-free. This is an important matter for us. We would prefer to send everything plastic-free to you, but that turns out to be difficult in reality. This would mean that all products received in plastic, are unpacked by us and sent through to you in paper packaging. This would only create more pollution.

The webshop has become more complete with the addition of blond peat blocks. These are excellent for decorating your vivarium. You can also create a boundary between land and water parts with it. Plants such as Selaginella grow very well on peat blocks because of their acidity. Eventually moss will start to grow over the peat, which gives a great 'tropical rainforest' effect

in your terrarium.

We now also have Dicksonia Fibrosa in our shop. This is the high-end brother of the regular Dicksonia Squarossa. Dicksonia Fibrosa is softer and very suitable for growing cuttings from almost any vivarium plant. The trunks look great when placed diagonally against the background of your vivarium and planted with bromeliads. Due to its open structure, the bromeliads are easy to assemble without hassle with all kinds of glue, tierips, etc. Spray lightly once or twice a day with osmosis water and the different types of spores will start growing.