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Learned a lot & new prospects

The Expo in Houten went really well and as hoped we met a lot of friends, followers via Instagram and customers of the webshop. It was also very nice that the organizer of the Ter Expo in Houten was very enthusiastic about our products. We brought over 50 bromeliads, Ranarium supplements, springtails and my son brought his Porcellio Laevis. He sold everything. Completely on his own initiative, and I was not allowed to interfere with the sales either. He will be a formidable competitor in the future I'm afraid; )

Furthermore, the 50x20x1.5 treefern panels will finally arrive next week, which we have all been waiting for. Not that there is anything wrong with the 12.5 cm wide variant, but we do notice that the 20 cm wide treefern panels is the big favorite. That is why this variant should not be missing from our range of products.

Starting next month, we will also be offering the technology behind the terrarium, such as pumps, ventilation, heating, etc. We have spent a long time determining which technology

we will offer in the webshop. Since we only want to deliver quality products to you, we try

to avoid the 'Aliexpress' fans etc. Fortunately, we were able to purchase beautiful products

of German quality via