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Holiday season is over

After a nice vacation and fantastic summer it's time to get back at it. There has been a lot of activity behind the scenes. First of all is the fact that we are now able to ship to the US and UK which is absolutely fantastic of course. We have put so much effort in trying to arrange this, you don't even want to know. But we can do it.

What else has changed? We are also able to take all your wholesale orders now. All our beautiful bromeliads can go to webshop owners all across the world. Not only bromeliads, but many more plants, from rare Philodendrons to Monstera and every single Hoya species you can think off. All you need to do is contact us and we will make it happen.

On September the 19th a new shipment of beautiful Thai Hybrids is coming to the webshop again as well. There will be a variety of classics and some new Hybrids that have been created for the first time by our very talented nursery in Thailand. There is not only that but we have decided after many requests to add Mini Neoregelia to our selection of bromeliads as well. There will be; Hot Ember, Palamares, Dartanion, Mini Hot Flash, Royal Burgundy x Fireball and many more available from the 21th of September.

Furthermore we will expand our vitamin section with Dendrocare products. We start off with adding the Regular 50 Gram Dendrocare and the No-mite Supplements.

We haven't shared a blog for quite some time, but we definitely haven't been sitting still and there is a lot more coming for you in the near future. That being said we will also be at the Vivarium 2022 Expo. We thought that it would be a great opportunity to see many of you in person again and catch up at this great quality Expo. Hopefully we will see you there!

Thank you for your attention and see you soon!