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Holiday season

the past few weeks it has been fairly quiet and we have had time to evaluate after being online for 3 months with What we immediately noticed are all the positive reviews on Instagram that we have received from satisfied customers. We are very proud of this and it is also an indication that we are on the right course. Our focus is on selling good products, giving honest advice, being available and clear communication from our side to the customer.

All points that we find very important when using a webshop. Nice to see you appreciate that!

We are also busy developing our prototype terrarium, which will be easy to use, multifunctional, affordable and complete. In any case, we are already very enthusiastic about this.

We will continue to expand our range in the webshop next week with high-quality products including dimmers and controllers for your Skylight LEDs. And after request also peat blocks. Delivering bromeliads directly from the nursery has also come a step closer, which means that we will soon be able to offer you fantastic bromeliads. As soon as this is a fact, we will concentrate on expanding the webshop with ferns and other foliage plants.

Many thanks for your attention and trust in