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Bromeliad care 2.0

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Yes, we feel the pressure. We have been stalked ever since we promised to write a blog about bromeliad care. Thank you for this, we almost feel knowledgeable. No experts by far of course, but we learn a lot every day. Both from experience and our fantastic partners in Thailand of course. Therefore we would like to share our newly gained information and experience growing bromeliads with everyone that is interested in hearing this from us.

As you might know, we have written a guide before a while ago. There were no straight up lies in there, but we do feel that it leaves room for interpretation. Also, it felt far from complete and was lacking some very important details. We will share our vision on taking care of bromeliads with you now.

First off all, your beautiful hybrids need some extra care when placed in a vivarium with dart frogs. They are grown and kept in ideal circumstances in the nursery in Thailand and our own nursery. The ideal the weather conditions in Thailand are hard to simulate. The sun, humidity, warmth, wind all play a vital role and can't be recreated in a 50 x 50 x 50 glass box. Are you shocked? probably not. This being said: You can get real close maintaining the same beauty as

if they were still in the Thai nursery.

This brings us to the following scenario; You go to , you see amazing hybrids. Of course, you order a few of them and receive them in beautiful shape. After planting them in your own terrarium, you slowly see them losing colour in every week that goes by. Sometimes even losing their beautiful shape as well. Leaves from the center are starting to grow really stretched and thin. What am i doing wrong? Jorg will be sleeping with the fishes for selling me these crappy broms. Fortunately, this doesn't happen too often. Why? because many of you prepare well and read a lot of information before setting up a terrarium. One of the most important components f