Biotopo after one month

Hi all

We've been online for almost a month now and a lot has happened.

The site itself is never really finished, I have noticed, you still see space to make it just a little more beautiful and clearer. That said, let us know especially if you miss things or prefer to see things differently.

So far we love delivering our beautiful products from the webshop, quite a few orders have already been issued, including even the Skylight Mid30.

As far as I am concerned, this is a vote of confidence, since no one really knows us, and it is a purchase of 259,- anyway. Super nice to see. Gives even more drive to go all out.

The packages that have gone out so far have also left the house without plastic filling material. This is also an important point for us. We are now in the process of also purchasing paper adhesive tape so that we can start shipping 100% plastic-free.

Furthermore, we have expanded our range with Dendroplate filter mats since today.

These mats are fantastic for your terrarium. It's ultra light, it doesn't stink, plants root fantastically in it and you can cut it to size for the perfect fit, without it shifting.

We also finally have sphagnum moss so that you can put plants in it, keep the soil moist, tie up epiphytes etc.

Next week, top quality terrarium bark will also come in. Great to secure/support plants, make some height differences or fill spaces and create extra shelter for the springtails and isopods. Furthermore, it always smells fantastic as soon as it is sprayed with osmosis water.

We will continue to expand the range in June and organize another fun giveaway.

Thank you for your attention and we will speak to you soon!

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