Beautiful Sonerila and missing Neoregelia

A lot has happened since the last blog that was written. We just noticed that it has been over 2 months since the last one. This is not because we are too lazy (i swear), but we have been very busy upgrading our webshop. First off al, we are very proud that we can offer you beautiful and rare foilage plants. Our goal is to get you the best and most beautiful vivarium products and our new selection of foilage plants definitely hits the spot. There are some snapshots on the website now, but we will do the photography by the end of this week. The Sonerila and Begonia that we have in stock are absolutely amazing. check them out in the webshop.

Unfortunately our current order of bromeliads is stuck in Thailand. Luckily they are being looked after, but there has been no progress with shipping them to Europe for weeks on end. Hopefully we can sort everything out quickly and have them available in the webshop as soon a possible. This goes to show once again that importing plants from the other side of the world isn't without risks. But in our opinion, it's definitely worth the risk and we are confident that we can offer you beautiful and totally new hybrids that no one has ever seen before soon.

With our new section of foilage plants added to the website, we thought it was also time to change the design of our website. We have made it even more user friendly and fresh. The really harsh greens from before have made place for more pastel like colours that make the whole interface a bit easier on the eyes. Please let us know what you think of the new design.

The webshop is now pretty much complete. The choice was made to not further expand our offer of products. Our priority is to focus on the quality of our products and service as it is now.

Of course, the offer of plants, bromeliads and forest floor products will expand or have new varieties, but overall we are really happy with our selection of products. All made possible by you! We are very thankful and happy that we are able to offer you all these wonderfull products that really help our beautiful hobby to the next level.

Have a nice day and see you in our next blog!

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