A lot of progress

As usual we haven't been sitting around doing nothing since the last blog. A big achievement is that we are now ready to enter the wholesale market. Our beautiful bromeliads are about to travel to webshops in Italy and Hungary. Hard work, dedication and a lot of spamming European webshops made this possible, sorry for that peeps. Not only our bromeliads are ready for wholesale of course, that wouldn't be enough for us. Who needs 8 hours of sleep these days, right? Which brings us to another great achievement. We have started collaborating with an Asian nursery and distributor called Aseanplantexport. Together we have been providing many consumers with beautiful Hoya, Monstera, Philodendron etc. This has been a very difficult process. Sending plants across the world and making sure that they arrive in great shape is very challenging. However, we have come to a point now where we have 98% arrival guarantee from the EU to the US which is absolutely fantastic of course. Every single webshop or consumer in the world who is interested in our assortment of plants can be supplied with fresh plants at lightning speed.

Since we love plants so much we also started to expand our webshop with a compact but very nice selection of Tillandsia that are actually very suitable for your terrarium. If this will be a success, we will start to expand our selection of Tillandsia with more beautiful and interesting species. The great thing about this as well is the fact that we have our nursery around the corner. If you live in the Netherlands it's definitely worth a visit. Also Erik is a very nice welcoming guy that will tell you all about these beautiful plants. The nursery is called IBIS kwekerij and is located in Huissen.

Unfortunately the Ranarium section of our webshop has been closed down. Our vitamins and supplements have been a very successful part of our selection of products but Ranarium has decided to stop their production. Therefore we are not able to import from the United States anymore. Since there are many webshops already selling the usual brands, we have decided not to participate in selling vitamins any longer and focus more on vivarium plants and Skylight LED.

Which brings us to the next part of this blog. Our amazing terrarium lighting is going to come to your vivarium faster in the near future. You told us that waiting time on our lights is too long. This made us decide that we will make sure that every available Skylight LED is in stock. There are many different types of Skylight LED which makes this brand so amazing. Totally customizable for every terrarium situation and personal preference. Tiny RH, Hyperspot Large, Mid30 and PR-40 is already available in stock and the rest will follow as soon as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and speak to you soon!

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