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Buying a Terrarium

Buy exclusive custom terrarium?

At Biotopo you can buy and put together a fantastic terrarium. with your own chosen dimensions, terrarium plants and lighting! buying the right terrarium is an exciting step. In this guide, we take you through all the aspects you need to consider when buying a terrarium.

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The Complete Guide to the Perfect Miniature Ecosystem

Terrarium Buying The Beginning of an Enchanting Adventure!

A terrarium is an enclosed mini biotope in which bromeliads, tropical plants, mosses and other elements come together to create a self-sustaining ecosystem. This unique microclimate mimics the natural living conditions of the tropical rain forest and requires very little maintenance once set up. Especially if you decide to immediately turn it into a bioactive terrarium by adding tropical woodlice and springtails. Terrariums are perfect for people who want to enjoy beautiful tropical bromeliads and terrarium plants. Buying a terrarium? read on quickly!

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Buying a terrarium with the right lighting

When buying a terrarium, the right lighting is incredibly important for creating an optimal environment for your plants and animals. At Biotopo, we understand this like no other, which is why we offer only the best quality lighting from the renowned Skylight brand. Our collection includes the PRI50, PR series and Hyperspot models, all of which deliver impressive performance. With special LED lighting, such as these models, we not only stimulate the growth of your plants, but also achieve the most vivid colors in bromeliads. For those with a small terrarium or rack, we offer custom solutions such as the Mid30 and Tiny models.

Whether you need powerful lighting for larger terrariums or compact lighting for more modest setups, you’ll find the ideal match at Biotopo. With our terrarium lighting, your plants and bromeliads will become real eye-catchers in your terrarium. With Terrarium Buying, we strive to provide you with the means to create a beautiful and healthy ecosystem.

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An indispensable terrarium plant: The Bromeliad

Bromeliads are absolutely essential in any terrarium; buying a terrarium without these beautiful plants is really not a complete terrarium. The diversity and beauty that bromeliads bring are astounding. Their unique appearances and vibrant colors add an extraordinary element of visual appeal to any terrarium.

In addition, bromeliads provide ideal housing for your poison frogs. With their hollow leaves, they create perfect hiding and nesting places, creating a harmonious and functional ecosystem for both plants and animals. Biotopo’s beautiful bromeliads are sustainably grown in Thailand without pesticides and fertilizers and are the perfect complement for your terrarium inhabitants such as our beloved poison frogs.

At Biotopo you will find an exclusive collection of Neoregelia, including the enchanting Neoregelia Super Cute, the elegant Neoregelia Tara and the beautiful Neoregelia Shamrock. What sets us apart is our specially equipped bromeliad room with optimal lighting and humidity, so the bromeliads you order will always arrive to you in tip-top shape. We strive to enrich your terrarium experience with the most brilliant and vital plants therefore you are at the right place at Biotopo if you are looking for a beautiful terrarium.

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Buying your terrarium with terrarium plants

Discover our exclusive unique varieties of terrarium plants

Biotopo offers a wonderful collection of exclusive terrarium plants, including unique species such as Begonia and Sonerila. Discover enchanting varieties such as the Sonerila Vietnam, Begonia Roseapunctata and Begonia Shiwanshanensis, each of which will enrich the look of your terrarium. Whether you’re looking for colorful accents or subtle textures, our carefully selected terrarium plants will fit perfectly into your show terrarium. All of our plants are well suited for the rainforest terrarium.

Sustainably farmed in Holland, they offer a durable and sophisticated choice for enthusiasts and collectors. Choose a terrarium buy that is different from the standard with our exclusive plants from Biotopo.