AQI Intense

AQI Intense series lighting specifically designed for use in freshwater aquariums. With its vibrant colors and spectral appearance, AQI Intense lamps make your aquarium look natural and alive.
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AQI Intense series produce vivid colors and their spectral appearance is characteristic of so-called RGB lamps. What is unique and innovative about this RGB aquarium lamp is the broadening of spectrum to include deep and infrared. This ensures the proper activation of both phytochromes at Pr and Pfr stages. infrared light penetrates deep into plant tissue so that photosynthesis will also occur in shaded areas.

AQI Intense with great features

Unlike the vast majority of RGB lamps, SKYLIGHT INTENSE lamps generate light reflections similar to those that appear when HQI lamps are used…. Laser-cut lamp housing looks very different from constructions based on side-sealed aluminum profiles. The finish of the housing is achieved with a double layer of protective coating in metallic anthracite color.

Using an external dimmer, the lights in the Skylight INTENSE series can be adjusted to meet different requirements of cultivated plants. Due to the 2-channel structure also the color temperature can be adjusted to better meet the aesthetic expectations of the user. AQI Intense series will please the owner of a naturally planted aquarium, but is also adaptable to different biotope projects.

The lamps in the FREEDOM Intense series are manufactured in 2 different configurations. The H version is equipped with acrylic holders and the lamp is set on aquarium rims. The S version comes with a metal wire suspension kit that allows the lamp to be hung above the aquarium. In the S version semi-transparent shades are included to protect the user’s eyes when the lamp hangs high above the ground.





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